Blonde woman wearing C&B Furs Plush Rex Rabbit Color Blocked Vest

C&B Furs Plush Rex Rabbit Color Blocked Vest

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Color blocking is no small feat, but C&B Furs’ Plush Color Blocked Vest makes this seemingly impossible task possible. With a mix of candy-colored hues, this piece is reminiscent of the 60s pastel era combined with the bohemian chic of the 70s era. 

The vest adds a playful touch to any outfit, whether it be spring or winter. Made from Rex Rabbit fur, you can be sure that this piece will feel silky-soft on the skin and keep you warm while remaining lightweight. Another one of C&B’s open-front pieces, this vest is so easy to put on and take off, especially when the weather is being so unpredictable. 

Go full-on 60s and pair this with a pastel shift dress or a white button-down shirt with slim blue jeans and strappy heels. If you want to try out the risk of color blocking, this vest is definitely the best way to start.

  • Pastel colors
  • Made from plush Rex Rabbit Fur
  • Open-front, no collar
  • Model wearing size Large