C&B Furs Silver Full Fox Vest in Purple
C&B Furs Purple Full Fox Fur Vest
C&B Furs Purple Full Fox Fur Vest

C&B Furs Full Fox Vest - Purple

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The C&B Furs Full Fox Vest is a fashion statement piece that any woman would enjoy. It can amp up anyone’s style instantly and easily. 

This purple vest by Linda Richards is made from genuine silver fox fur that is plush and velvety. It’s very comfortable to wear and can keep you warm. It features an open front for a convenient way to put on as well as letting your base clothes remain visible. The vest comes in a bold purple shade that is perfect for day or night. Its medium fit makes it perfect as cozy outerwear.

Complement your teal long-sleeved dress and brown boots combo with this vest. You can also update your bohemian look by pairing this with a colorful dyed dress. Whichever you decide on, you can definitely transform any outfit from drab to stylish with the C&B Furs Full Fox Vest. 

  • Genuine silver fox fur
  • Open front
  • Bold purple color

C&B Furs Purple Full Fox Fur Vest